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Certified Intercultural Trainer & Consultant, specialising in Cross-Cultural training & Consultancy for the US, European and Indian markets. Successfully delivered multiple end to end projects spanning across US, Europe & India. Main industries include IT, Telecoms, Digital Marketing, Pharmaceutical, Insurance & Aviation. Certified member of Hofstede Insights, a highly selective worldwide network of Intercultural Management Consultants

Training Programs

My Intercultural Management training programs are designed to help organisations in improving the management & effectiveness of their culturally diverse workforce. There are five key areas covered by the training programs as Awareness, Communication, Knowledge Transfer, Team Management, and Leadership. My Intercultural Management training is a combination of e-learning, simulations, case studies, and hands-on practice to create an environment for optimal learning. Each training program is further adapted by running the survey and/or interviews with participants to collect individual needs and wider issues.


As a consultant, I have experience and expertise in two areas, Organisational Culture Management and Outsourcing Management. Organisational Culture Management program is designed to help companies to assess their strategy readiness to their existing workforce culture, and plan a change program to fulfill the newly found gaps. My outsourcing program is based on my 6 years’ experience of working as a Global Transformation Manager and completing more than 20 multinational projects. 

"There was a high demand for these workshops and Nav facilitated these workshops in various places in the Ericsson service delivery organization in Europe..."
"Nav worked flawlessly through many iterations of proposals, suggestions to make the intercultural program more meaningful and effective, and kept all of the involved stakeholders up to date..."